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Here's what readers are saying about Al E. Jandro's work:

5-Star Reviews

"The author takes you from Hajjie's humble beginnings to the accomplished photographer, artist, Traveller, vlogger, author, faith based man he is today. He weaves you through the tapestry of Hajjie's life journey and reveals how all of life's experiences (whether positive or negative) helped shaped the man he is today. Hajjie's natural curiosity influenced his decisions and allowed him to fluidly adapt to all cultures to which he was exposed in his travelers. This thoughtful and compelling exploration makes for a captivating read."

Terry and Carolyn Wennstrom

Destination Within.

Very inspiring story and I love that I could see into his mindset and read exactly what he was feeling when he thought out situations. His thoughts flowed well and moved the book along very quickly.

Thank you Al E. JANDRO. Great work and looking forward for more stories.


Ever Rodriguez

Get your copy now! The long wait is over, finally its here in the Philippines. What are you waiting for? You'll learn a lot from His experience.


Heidi Cubarrubia

The wait is over Now available in Manila Excited to read the final Proud of you.


Khorinna Reyes



Rowie Lavapies

I don't often post seriously here on Facebook, but now I want to be serious in saying that you are great Hajjie Alejandro ! Masyado mong kinarir ang formal themes at sulating pormal natin noong elementary days

But joking apart , you deserve the International Book Awards you won !

I have so much good to say about your book but what stuck in my mind were these: it can serve as an inspiration to all dreamers that you can adjust your sails if you cannot change the direction of the wind and "detour of dreams can lead to exceptional wonder ".

Congratulations classmate on your incredible success!



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