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He is a Doctor of Literature, writer, dreamer, storyteller, and passionate pursuer of life's unique moments.

He brings his stories to life and transports readers to new worlds. His prose flows life a river through human emotions, inner strife, and triumph.

Al's creativity extends beyond literature. Travelling with an insatiable curiosity, he enjoys the thrill of discovery.

He freezes time and immortalizes his travels in stunning photos. His drawings and sketches are intricate tapestries of passion and expression. He writes, travels, photographs, and paints, among other things. Dreamer, philosopher, and truth-seeker.

He draws from today's great poets and philosophers to give his writing depth and meaning. He explores the nuances of love, sadness, and the human spirit.

The Journey So Far

Awards and Recognitions

  • Doctor of Literature 

  • Outstanding Writer and Recipient of the Bulosan Award 2024 at Ophir IV Awards for Literature and Arts

  • 2024 Gawad Ophir Creative and Technical Write of the Philippines, Asia and Pacific

  • Stardust Odyssey - A Scifi Novel : Winner: International Impact Book Awards 2024 / Science Fiction Category

  • Stardust Odyssey - A Scifi Novel : Nominee - Best Fictional Book 2024 Ophir Award

  • Destination Within - A Lensman Traveller's Journey : Nominee - Poetry Planet Literary Award 2024

  • Destination Within - A Lensman Traveller's Journey: Winner - Hope PYX International Book Awards 2023

  • Destination Within - A Lensman Traveller's Journey: Bronze Medal - Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards 2023

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